Apply Today: The Hazel Sanderson, EdD., R.N.
Health Career Scholarship

Open to those who have completed a BQLI-AHEC program within the last 5 years, this scholarship celebrates the spirit, tenacity, and commitment of future healthcare professionals. If you aspire to serve underserved communities and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare field, apply today for a chance to receive this prestigious award!


  • Three letters of recommendation from a supervisor, educator, or community leader that speaks to your suitability for the scholarship. An older letter of recommendation that was used to apply elsewhere is perfectly valid.
  • A 500-600 word essay detailing the reasons that you are applying for the scholarship and how it would benefit your professional and academic career.
  • An updated transcript that displays your current GPA


Email your application materials to


  • Have completed one or more BQLIAHEC programs in the past 5 years
  • Is pursuing a career in a healthcare profession
  • Is dedicated to providing care to underserved communities in our region

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The Hazel Sanderson, EdD., R.N. Health Career Scholarship

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Please refer to the Application Instructions for eligibility criteria and submission instructions.
Three letters of reference must accompany the application for the candidate to be considered.
Please forward this form to your recommenders for completion as part of the scholarship application process:
Please request that your school sends BQLI-AHEC an official transcript of your grades to date.
This application must be typed or neatly written. Only complete applications (including all attachments) will be considered
Selection Criteria: Academic Achievement, Community Engagement, Career Plan, Character, Summary Statement.
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