AHEC Scholars

A two-year program for health professions students, designed to enhance learning and connect students to the communities they want to work in.

Why be an AHEC Scholar?

The AHEC Scholars program is an exciting two-year opportunity for health professions students who want to gain practical experience and expand their knowledge on issues impacting communities. This program is specifically designed to deepen your understanding of the social determinants of health that affect vulnerable populations and underserved communities.

Through the AHEC Scholars program, you will go beyond individual perspectives and gain insights into the unique challenges faced by many people. This program builds on your existing curriculum, enhancing your education and preparing you to make a real difference in the you serve.

By participating in the AHEC Scholars program, you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to engage with diverse populations in a more meaningful way. Through hands-on experiences and interactive learning, you will be equipped to create a positive and lasting impact on the communities you encounter.

Is the AHEC Scholars program for me?

Qualified students must…

  • be currently matriculated into an accredited allied health or health professional degree/certificate program with graduation date in either 2025 or 2026.
  • have a strong interest in improving the health quality of individuals in underserved healthcare communities
Eligible Disciplines:
Clinical Psychology; Community Health; Creative Arts/Recreational Therapy; Dentistry; Dietiian/Nutrition; Emergency Medical Technicians; Health Administration; Medical Assistance; Mental Health Counseling; Nursing; Nurse Midwives; Nurse Practitioners; Occupational Therapy; Occupational Therapy Assistant; Optometry; Pharmacy; Physical Therapy; Physical Therapy Assistant; Physician Assistant; Public Health & Health Education; Radiologic Technology; Physicians; Respiratory Therapy; Social Work; and Speech & Language Pathology
Ineligible Disciplines:
Health Sciences; Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Pre-health; General Studies such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.); and non-health-related studies (Business, Communications, etc.)

Program Requirements & How to Apply

Completion of 80 hours of didactic learning (online coursework) focusing on topics such as Behavioral Health Integration, Social Determinants of Health, and Cultural Competency, among others

Completion of 80 hours of experiential learning consisting of clinical work serving medically underserved areas/populations.


***Often, students’ program requirements already satisfy the experiential learning requirement. In this case, students will not be required to complete a second internship.

How to apply:

Complete AHEC Scholars Application here: https://nysahec.org/our-programs/new-nys-ahec-scholars-program/how-to-apply/


Additionally, applicants will be required to upload:

  • Essay highlighting reasons for participating in AHEC Scholars program and how the AHEC Scholars Program will serve student in accomplishing academic and/or career goals.
  • Letter of Recommendation discussing stories about students’ behaviors, impact, and personal qualities. Letter of reference should provide specific examples and anecdotes that illustrate ability and desire to be an AHEC Scholar. Please attach one letter of reference from a teacher, faculty member, community leader, mentor, etc., and provide your reference’s contact information.
In the AHEC Scholars program I was able to find mentors and make connections which helped me get my first poistion after graduation.
-AHEC Scholars Graduate


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